By Steve Hendry

In a test to the human race, highly advanced aliens decide to offer free secrets that will enable universal space travel without time or distance constraints. Earth snaps at the challenge and collectively musters resources to develop the most advanced starship ever built on Earth, which is appropriately named, Leapfrog, for the technological jump over existing science. Unfortunately, corrupt secret services, greedy politicians, and overly wary generals condemn this mission from the start.

While in deep cryogenic sleep, the crew of Leapfrog encounters a disastrous meteor shower that destroys the main engines. Thousands of years pass while the stricken ship slowly meanders its way back to earth with two hundred and seventy five humans solidly frozen in deep suspended animation.

As the crew finally awakens, they find Earth is no longer the same. Seeking clues as to what has happened; the survivors attempt to re-colonize, only to discover that a new ultra-evolved creature now predominates and ruthlessly rules the top of the food chain.
The explorers are forced to abandon their derelict starship and face a horrifying battle among cannibal Neanderthals and the ultra-evolved creatures, barely escaping with their lives.

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