Jasper Mountain

By Kathy Steffen

2009 Benjamin Franklin Award finalist for Best Historical Fiction

Honorable mention in the 2008 London Book Festival in the Fiction category

Two lost souls struggle to find their way in the unforgiving West of 1873 in this romantic work of historical literature…

Jack Buchanan, a worker at the Jasper Mining Company, is sure of his place in the outside world, but has lost his faith, hope, and heart to the tragedy of a fire.

Foreign born and raised, Milena Shabanov flees from a home she loves to the strange and barbaric America. A Romani blessed with “the sight,” she is content in the company of visions and spirit oracles, but finds herself lost and alone in a brutal mining town with little use for women.

Surrounded by inhumane working conditions at the mine, depression, senseless death, and overwhelming greed, miners begin disappearing and the officers of the mine don’t care.

Tempers flare and Jack must decide where he stands: with the officers and mining president—Victor Creely—to whom Jack owes his life, or with the miners, whose lives are worth less to the company than pack animals. Milena, sensing deep despair and death in a mining town infested with restless spirits, searches for answers to the workers’ disappearances. But she can’t trust anyone, especially not Jack Buchanan, a man haunted by his own past.



Book 2 in the Spirit of the River Series
Historical Fiction
Trade Paperback
US $15.95 / CDN $17.95
ISBN# 9781933836584

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