In Enemy Hands

By Michelle Perry

Finalist in the 2007 Daphne Du Maurier Awards!

How hard could it be to kidnap a pampered little rich girl?

Especially if you’re bounty hunter extraordinaire Dante Giovanni, who normally prowls the underworld in search of the most vicious criminals. Piece of cake, Dante thinks, when reclusive businessman Gary Vandergriff offers him a cool half million to bring home his estranged daughter, Nadia.

Enter Nadia.

His first meeting with her is stunning; both literally and figuratively. He foils an attempt on her life, and falls immediately under her spell. It’s not gonna be hard duty, Dante thinks, keeping her safe from the Mexican drug lord infuriated by her stepfather’s expanding meth operation. He’ll take her out of harm’s way, no problem, get her back to her father, and enjoy the ride along the way. Everything is great.

Until he delivers her into Enemy Hands.

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