By Richard Satterlie

Agnes Hahn is a serial killer. She murders and mutilates men for sexual thrills . . . just to even the score. When Agnes was a child, her abusive father molested and killed her twin sister, Lilin. Agnes watched, vulnerable and horrified, while her counterpart suffered and paid the ultimate price for defenseless innocence. That was the end of one existence, but the beginning of another.

Within the sequestered confines of Imola, a treacherous mental institution where patients prowl like deprived predators, Lilin poses no further danger to society. Afflicted by dissociative identity disorder, Agnes believes she is no one. Lilin wants all men to die.

Jason Powers comprehends the agony Agnes endures behind the walls of Imola. A reporter with the San Francisco Chronicle, his investigative skills cracked the case that brought Lilin into custody. Against all reason, Jason adores Agnes, a gentle, sensual woman in the clutches of a violent personality she cannot control. Then Lilin escapes, dictating Agnes’s every move, ready to kill again. Only Jason has sufficient knowledge to intervene and prevent the slaying of the helpless victims Lilin will dismember in her bloody rampage. In the process, he must risk his own life to save the woman he loves from herself.

Book 2 in the Agnes Hahn Series
Mass Market Paperback
US $7.95 / CDN $8.95
ISBN# 9781934755044

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