Heirs Of Cain

By Tom Wallace

Fallen angels.

The last words of a dying man. To the local cops, the words are meaningless. But legendary assassin Cain knows exactly what they mean.

A hit is in the works.

And the target is big.

In 1971, five U.S. soldiers trained as assassins landed in North Vietnam to complete a deadly mission under the watchful eye of Cain, a man feared by the Vietnamese on both sides of the DMZ. Today, joining forces with his old boss General Lucas White, Cain soon learns that Seneca, a former ally, has been hired to kill the president of the United States and three top leaders in the Middle East.

Against a ticking clock, Cain must hunt down his former ally. But an even deadlier betrayal could sabotage his mission—and cost him his life.

From the dark jungles of Vietnam to the midnight shadows of Central Park, Heirs of Cain takes its readers on a thrilling ride they won’t soon forget.

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