By Hope Tarr

Daisy Lake is only a memory to successful barrister Gavin Carmichael. But a memory he cannot forget. “Through thick and thin, forever and ever, come what may, we’ll stay together…” is the pact the young orphans made over a decade ago, before the wide-eyed little girl was torn from his arms. Only a precious, painful memory … until Gavin walks into an East End supper club where the headlining act is the infamous nightingale of the Montmartre music halls, Delilah du Lac.

Overcome, Gavin storms on stage and carries her off, determined to save her from the lifestyle she has apparently embraced. But Daisy wants no part of him. She has only one desire: to act on a proper London stage.

It is a dream Gavin can make come true. He promises to employ every resource at his disposal to see she gets a part in the upcoming run of Shakespeare’s “As You Like It” … provided she agrees to live with him for one month.

Daisy has slept with men for far less. And Gavin has matured into an exceedingly handsome man. But as their sensual games increase in intensity, Gavin is the one in danger of being …


Book 2 in the Men of Roxbury House
Historical Romance
Mass Market Paperback
US $6.99 / CDN $8.99
ISBN# 9781933836126

Rights Sold:

  • Spain, Libros De Seda
  • Italy, Mondadori
  • France, J'ai Lu
  • Croatia, Leo Commerce

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