Darwin’s Race

By Brian Ullmann

No maps. No checkpoints. No support crews.

Darwin’s Race is the most ambitious adventure race ever attempted, pitting twelve hardened racers against each other and the daunting elements of the world’s deepest and unexplored gorge. The first to reach the top of the 22,000-foot Kuk Sur will claim a $2 million prize and the first summit of one of the last remaining unclimbed Himalayan peaks.

Conner Michaels, haunted by his brother’s mysterious death on Kuk Sur six years earlier, decided to come out of seclusion to lead one of the teams and to once and for all determine what happened to his brother. On his team, Preston Child, the millionaire financier of the race, and his beautiful daughter, Malika, harbor their own dark reasons for descending into the gorge. And hotshot television producer Terrance Carlton, bent on a ratings bonanza, outfits each racer with a shoulder-mounted camera for live broadcasts around the world.

But as the racers plunge deeper into the legendary gorge, death follows. And as the carnage mounts in the treacherously remote mountains, the racers—and millions watching the tragedy unfold on television—realize the mist-shrouded gorge is not as uninhabited as they believed.

Mass Market Paperback
US $7.95 / CDN $8.95
ISBN# 9781934755075

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