Cain and Abel

By Michelle Perry

She fooled him once …

In Los Angeles an unexpected pregnancy sparks a daring plan of escape for a brutally battered wife. Jessica Ramsey fakes her death and flees to Tennessee to build a new life for herself and her unborn son.

But nobody fools Cole Ramsey twice …

Five years later, a chance encounter has destroyed Jessica’s carefully cultivated anonymity. She thought at first Cole had found her, but it was his twin, Alex, who unwittingly unmasked her charade. Now she must trust him to save her from Cole’s wrath. But the twins are bound by blood. Will it prove stronger than the fragile relationship building between Alex and Jessica? Or will a third time be a deadly charm?

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Rights Sold:

  • Thailand, Konrujai Publishing
  • Turkey, Altinbilek Yayincilik ve Egitim Hizmetleri

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