Beasts of Upton Puddle, The

By Simon West-Bulford

Gold IPPY logoGOLD MEDAL WINNER of the 2014 IPPY AWARD for Best Fantasy Novel!

Cloaked behind centuries of mystical power, an ancient race of dragons plots to destroy the human race. Twelve-year-old Joe Copper doesn’t know it yet, but he’s been chosen as mankind’s secret ambassador. And only he can stop the invasion.

A fantastic new world opens up to Joe when the eccentric Mrs. Merrynether introduces him to a remarkable veterinary practice. It’s a hidden refuge for a menagerie of creatures that should only exist in dreams and legend. But his journey of discovery turns sour when disaster strikes and Mrs. Merrynether vanishes. Plunged into his role too early, Joe must find a way to fulfill his destiny and rescue his mentor. It’s a good thing he’s about to get some help.

Joining him in his quest are Lilly, the surly alcoholic cluricaun; Danariel, the seraph who lives in a lightbulb; Flarp, the giant flying eyeball who can’t control his excitement; Kiyoshi, the narcoleptic kappa with an extraordinary vocabulary; Snappel, the fiery wyvern plagued by hiccups; and Cornelius, the poisoned manticore.

What could possibly go wrong?

Young Adult
Trade Paperback
$9.99 US/CDN
ISBN# 9781605425207

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