Crixeo Magazine and Reality of Wrestling partner to bring fans a 360° view!

More to come – get ready. It’s Goodt!

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CHICAGO, May 9, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Crixeo magazine, a subsidiary of Medallion Press, Inc., has partnered with Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling (ROW) to bring fans the first-ever 360° video shot from inside a wrestling ring.

On May 14, 2016, at Booker T’s World Gym Arena in Houston, TX, wrestling fans will be able to see what it’s like to be in the middle of the Reality of Wrestling as the action unfolds around them. The 360° Crixeo Camera will place fans in the center of the ring during a Fatal 4-Way match with four of ROW’s hottest stars.

The 360° Crixeo Camera will allow wrestling fans to have total control over how they want to view the match, giving them unprecedented access to all the hard-hitting action delivered by the shining stars of ROW.

The 360° video will be available on June 1, 2016 at Just watch the video on your personal device and tilt the camera to be in full control of what you see.

About Crixeo:
Launched in early 2016, Crixeo (pronounced ˈkrē-zē-ō) is a place for creative minds to gather, discuss and share how our lives intersect with the arts. Crixeo is building a community of diverse thinkers who want to share the beauty, heart and determination found around us every day. Covering everything from books, music, movies, fashion and street art to design, technology, culinary art, sports and family — and so much more! — our stories celebrate the creativity that surrounds us. Crixeo is a space where life and art intersect, community develops, and courageous innovation brings people together to make the world an incredible place to be. For more information, visit


About BoBookerT22oker T. Huffman:

Booker T. Huffman is the current color commentator for WWE Monday Night Raw, a 2013 WWE Hall of Fame Inductee, former General Manager of SmackDown, and a former trainer for the hugely popular reality series WWE Tough Enough. He holds thirty-five major professional titles within WWE, WCW, and TNA. Booker also BookerToperates his own wrestling school, Reality of Wrestling (ROW), withhis brother Stevie Ray, striving to help students ages thirteen and up to achieve their dreams. His nonprofit organization, Booker T. Fights For Kids Foundation, has supported many outreach endeavors, such as the patient-focused campaign of the National Marrow Donor Program®, overseas visits to US troops, and considerabl financial commitments to displaced Katrina victims. Booker T and his wife, Sharmell, residein Houston with their young twins.

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Medallion Introduces Crixeo

Contact: Brigitte Shepard                                                          FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Medallion Press Inc.
Tel: (630) 513-8316, extension 257

New arts-and-culture website, Crixeo, brings people together through the arts

Heather Musick, Medallion’s senior VP, here—and I am so excited to finally let you know what Medallion has been working on for two years now! In April 2016, we will launch the new arts-and-culture website Crixeo (pronounced ˈkrē-zē-ō), a digital playground for the inspired and creative mind. With monthly issues, just like a magazine, you will be able to easily navigate to many fantastic articles that will open yoCrixeo_mainur eyes to the beauty of the world all around you. In our first issue, you can dive into stories about craft beers and title sequences, how silent films are speaking louder than ever and even how to make a simple and delicious shrimp-and-grits recipe for one (or just double it for your big date)! We’re building a community of diverse thinkers who want to share the beauty, heart and determination found around us every day.

Publishing compelling work remains our aim, and from this new platform we’ll be able to not only deliver content to you but also interact and connect with you more than we ever have before.

Medallion COO Adam Mock said, “We’re so excited to be able to expand the stage to allow a bigger platform for more voices, more stories, and more interaction. Crixeo will give us the chance to engage with our audience on a deeper level and invite them to come and explore all the beauty this life has to offer.”

Our team will continue to innovate to bring people together through the arts, and Crixeo is just one of the ways we will do that. So mark your calendars for April 1, 2016, and join us at the intersection of life and art:

About Crixeo:

Crixeo (pronounced ˈkrē-zē-ō) is an arts-and-culture website covering everything from books, music, movies, fashion, and street art to design, technology, culinary art, sports, and family. Delivered in monthly issues, our stories from around the world celebrate the intersection of life and art where we all unite. Join us at

About Medallion Press, Inc.:

Medallion provides dynamic multimedia entertainment in collaboration with innovative writers, filmmakers, musicians, artists, and technologists. With a creative approach to book, music, and film production, we seek to synergize the arts and cultivate developing technologies to carve a path on the leading edge of content delivery.



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A Conversation with Rusty Fischer

Rusty_zombie-fiedRusty Fischer is the author of multiple popular humorous and action-packed YA paranormal novels, including Zombies Don’t Cry and Vamplayers. Rusty welcomed Medallion readers into his fictional world back in 2010 with these first words from Zombies Don’t Cry—“It’s 2:27 a.m., I have no heartbeat, I can’t breathe, and this is all getting a little too surreal for me”—and we were hooked. This month, as we celebrate the release of his fifth Medallion VampireBotMC_252x406novel, Vampire Book of the Month Club, we’ve asked him to dish a little about his latest novel, his life, and his tips for writers.


  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am a full-fledged geek and absolutely obsessed about writing. I am married, no kids, and my wife and I share a very happy life together in the same city where both our families live.

  1. What led to your decision to be a writer?

Judy Blume! Seriously, Judy Blume was my teacher, mentor, and best friend growing up—if only she knew. I loved S.E. Hinton and Beverly Cleary as well and wanted to do for others what they did for me: take me someplace I’d never been and talk to me like a friend the whole way there.

  1. Tell us what it took to get your first manuscript published.

My first published book was a series of do-it-yourself short stories for an educational publisher, so it took a lot of persistence in submitting to every “teacher publisher” on the planet.

  1. What is your book about?

This book is about a teenage girl, Nora Falcon, who just happens to be a best-selling author at seventeen! She goes to a very exclusive school filled with other special teens, one of them—her BFF who’s a girl, Abby Hastings, just happens to be a movie star and her BFF who’s a boy, Wyatt Cash, is a male model. But a new man enters her life when Reece Rothchild shows up at a book signing one night and then in her homeroom the next morning, having transferred to her school. At first, Nora is impressed, but soon she’s panicked: first Wyatt, then Abby go missing! Turns out Reece has kidnapped them and is holding them for ransom, until Nora writes a very personal book…just for him. Well, him and all his vampire friends!

  1. What real-life themes are explored in this book?

This is a book about friendship, primarily, and how willing we are to save our friends from harm.

  1. What is your favorite part of this book?

My favorite part is that Nora is a writer and how she uses excerpts of her books to frame the opening of most scenes. It’s like a book within a book, really!

  1. How do you hope readers are affected by this book?

I hope readers enjoy this vampire departure from my predominantly zombie books and that they appreciate the kind of old-school world I’ve tried to create where there are still modern vampires who aren’t quite modern.

  1. What do you think are the three most important things writers should know about getting their work published?

Would it be too cheesy to say “persistence, persistence, persistence”? I guess so, but absolutely sticking with it is the most important thing a writer can do. So, first, stick with it; be persistent. Second, have a thick skin and learn to deal with rejection. So much of publishing is subjective, and what this guy hates that gal will love; you just have to find that one editor who “gets it.” Finally, confidence; people want to read something new and unique, written by someone who knows what they’re doing. I’m not saying I absolutely have it all down yet, but I will say that when I sit down to write I’m confident in what I’m doing and eager to get to work!

  1. Aside from writing, what are your hobbies or areas of expertise?

I read when I can, which isn’t often, and try to see as many scary movies a year as possible. (Netflix is making that easier and easier.) I’m married, happily, and spend as much time away from my computer as possible with my wife. We live in Florida, so we swim and bike a lot.

  1. Where can your fans go to get in touch with you?

My main base of operations is my blog at


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A Conversation with Nicole Maggi

A Conversation with Nicole Maggi

NicoleMaggiNicole Maggi’s Twin Willows Trilogy follows sixteen-year-old Alessia Jacobs into an ancient rivalry between the Malandanti and Benandanti, warriors with the unique power to separate their souls from their bodies and take on the forms of magnificent animals.


The Blue Woods

The trilogy has been praised among fans and reviewers, and Kirkus Reviews writes of the third book, The Blue Woods, “Maggi’s strength lies in her ability to blend fantastic magic with ordinary life. Boy problems, overprotective parents, and sibling rivalry exist side by side with Clan wars and magical abilities…. Fans of the series will cheer as Alessia embraces her power to fight for those she loves. A satisfying finale.”

Get to know Nicole, and look for The Blue Woods on bookshelves starting January 12.


Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I grew up in upstate New York, in a boring town, always dreaming of something more…just like Alessia. I went to Emerson College in Boston, earned a BFA in acting, and hightailed it to NYC to be an actress. There were many ups and downs in my career as an actress, but I’m proud of that work. I focused mostly on the classics and did a lot of Shakespeare. Then in 2007 my husband and I grew tired of NYC and moved to Los Angeles (he’s a film editor, so NYC or LA are really the only two places where he can work). I acted for a few years in LA, with some moderate success, and then we had a baby. The acting career sort of ground to a halt when that happened, but the writing career took off! Now I devote my time to writing and mommyhood. We live in a lovely corner of LA surrounded by orange, lemon and fig trees with our young daughter and two oddball cats.


What led to your decision to be a writer?

I don’t think there was ever a conscious decision. I’ve been writing since I could hold a pencil, though at first it was just poems about unicorns and rainbows. I always knew I would be a writer. Then I detoured into acting for many years. A few years into my decade as a struggling actress in NYC, I suddenly realized how much I missed writing. I wanted to start writing again, but I just didn’t know what to write. Then one day I got the image in my head of a woman walking through snow. I opened up a blank document in Word and started typing. That became my first (unpublished) novel. A few months into working on that novel, I realized I wanted to seriously commit to writing for publication. And here I am (many years later)!


Tell us what it took to get your first manuscript published.

Many, many, many rejections. There were times when I really thought it wouldn’t happen. But through it all, I never stopped writing. And deep down, I had faith that it would happen.


What is The Blue Woods about?

In this last installment of the Winter Falls trilogy, Alessia faces new challenges as the war with the Malandanti comes to a head. She must set aside her own personal desires in order to complete her mission and bring down the Malandanti once and for all.


What real-life themes are explored The Blue Woods?

Destiny, transformation…that it’s our choices that shape our destiny and those choices have far-reaching consequences.


What is your favorite part of The Blue Woods?

In this book, we go “on the road,” so to speak; there are a couple of sections that take us out of Twin Willows and across the world to some of the other magical sites. I really loved writing those—doing research on those parts of the world and taking our familiar characters and putting them someplace unfamiliar was a lot of fun.


How do you hope your readers are affected by The Blue Woods?

As this is the third book in the trilogy, I hope that readers find it a fitting end to the characters’ journeys. I always want to feel satisfied when I read the end of a trilogy, that we took a long journey but ended up in a good place. So I hope my readers feel like that.


What are the three most important things aspiring writers should know about getting their work published?

  1. Never give up. It took years to get my first book published, and I had to climb over more than a few hurdles.
  2. Surround yourself with loving, supportive people. When I went through a rough patch, it was my friends and family that got me through.
  3. You can edit anything except a blank page. Even on days when you don’t feel like writing, get your butt in the chair and do it. You can always change it later.


Aside from writing, what are your hobbies or areas of expertise?

I love to do yoga, and I love to bake. I’m not an expert in either, but I do make a great apple pie! I also love hiking, traveling, eating great food, and spending time with my family and friends.


Where can your fans go to get in touch with you?

I’m accessible on Twitter, Instagram, and my Facebook author page. I also try to keep the Events page on my website ( current, and readers can always e-mail me through the website as well. I love hearing from my readers, so get in touch!

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New Year, new releases!

Welcome, 2016!

A new year means more fantastic fresh releases from Medallion! This year we have an exciting lineup of titles that will bring you more from beloved Medallion authors, while also introducing you to new voices. To kick off the year, we are bringing fans the exhilarating conclusion to Nicole Maggi’s Twin Willows Trilogy, The Blue Woods.

TheBlueWoods_252x406Sixteen-year-old Alessia Jacobs wants to go to college someday like her friends. She wishes for a chance at a normal relationship with Jonah. But normal is never an option for a Benandante like Alessia, who has sworn to protect the magic in the world from the Malandanti . . . especially when Jonah is on the opposite side of the deadly struggle. When the war comes to a head, lives will be lost, love will be gained, and Alessia will risk everything to save the people she loves and destroy the Malandanti once and for all.

“Maggi’s strength lies in her ability to blend fantastic magic with ordinary life. Boy problems, overprotective parents, and sibling rivalry exist side by side with Clan wars and magical abilities. . . . Fans of the series will cheer as Alessia embraces her power to fight for those she loves. A satisfying finale.”
Kirkus Reviews

“[The Blue Woods] pulls you in to each character, and the story is so well written you can’t put the book down. . . . Expect to feel involved with each character, to feel anxiety, fear and empathy; to hope that good overwhelms evil and that love can be possible even when all odds seem against it.”
Library Thing

“I couldn’t put this book down! It was very well written. . . . Entertaining for all age groups above twelve or thirteen years of age.”

Other books in the series:

WinterFalls   ITMOTW_640x920

Come back next month to find out about Vampire Book of the Month Club.

Until next time . . .

Heather Musick
Senior Vice President
Medallion Press

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November – Situation Momedy and The Oracle

Hello, November—which means welcome, holiday season!

This month we are excited to bring you two entertaining and enriching reads.

Take a lighthearted look at motherhood in Jenna von Oy’s book, Situation Momedy: A First-Time Mom’s Guide to Laughing Your Way Through Pregnancy and Year One.

JennaVonOyBest known for her roles as Six on Blossom and Stevie on The Parkers, Jenna von Oy is also a musician who has released two albums. She has been blogging for for nearly three years and maintains her own blog, The Cradle Chronicles ( She married husband Brad Bratcher in 2010 and gave birth to their first daughter, Gray Audrey, in 2012. Their second daughter, Marlowe Monroe, arrived in November of 2014.

This candid mom of two shares stories from her own trials and tribulations through diapers, spit-up (which you can see on the cover!), and the crazy journey of motherhood in a way that will make you feel like you are sitting down and chatting with your best friend. Jenna reveals the raw truths that so many moms keep on the down-low. Be prepared to laugh your way through the everyday struggles and see how learning to laugh at ourselves through the tough times, as Jenna shares, makes us better parents.

Celebs are talking about Situation Momedy:

“If you made sexy-time (or science-time) and are expecting a baby, this book is a hilarious series of stories that tie real-life experiences with pretty awesome advice. And I can say this because I’m gonna be a really good dad one day.”
—Kal Penn

“Jenna’s perspective is empowering, enlightening, and downright comforting. And also laugh-out-loud funny, which moms need more of!”
—Mayim Bialik

During pregnancy and the initial year of a new baby’s life, when it’s easy for a woman to get caught up in the stress of the steep mommy learning curve, this ”girlfriend’s guide” reminds first-time parents to find a little comedy amidst the chaos!


While preparing to give birth to her first daughter, actress Jenna von Oy discovered that the market was filled with clinical guides to pregnancy and beyond. Though they had their merits, she craved a best friend’s guide . . . one that didn’t sugarcoat reality but still offered relatable and heartfelt reassurance. Thus, Situation Momedy: A First-Time Mom’s Guide to Laughing Your Way through Pregnancy & Year One was born.

Jenna brings readers a lighthearted and comedic look at pregnancy and the first year of motherhood, highlighting major mommy milestones with chapters like “Houston, We Have a Pregnancy,” “This Is Your Brain on Baby,” “Bringing Sexy Back,” and “All’s Fair in Love and Mommy Wars.”

“I am thrilled to have an opportunity to share Situation Momedy with my mommy peers. As the cliché goes, laughter is the best medicine. But that’s not a dosage most doctors can prescribe! I’m not the first woman to have kids, and there will certainly be countless mothers after me, so my book isn’t an attempt to reinvent the wheel or deliver a how-to on all things mommy-related . . . I’m still a work in progress too! I think honesty and vulnerability can go a long way toward helping other moms feel less alone in the chaos of the mommy learning curve. In releasing Situation Momedy, I hope to inspire women to embrace the tough times with extra love and laughter, and to be empowered to trust their own instincts!” —Jenna

“The current crop of books for new moms leans toward heavy humor, with little guidance, but von Oy really does a remarkable job of offering sound parenting suggestions in between the jokes.”
—Rebecca Vnuk, Booklist

“The book is a must-read for both partners who will have a baby.”
—Library Thing

Situation Momedy hits store shelves November 10 and is available online now!

DJ_Niko Also this month, award-winning historical author D.J. Niko brings readers the riveting third installment in her popular Sarah Weston Chronicles, The Oracle.

Can secrets of ancient Greece stop a threat on the modern world?


TheOracle_252x406In Delphi, the mountain city deemed by the Greek gods to be the center of the Earth, a cult of neo-pagans re-create with painstaking authenticity ancient rituals to glorify the god Apollo and deliver oracles to seekers from around the world.

When antiquities are stolen from a museum in nearby Thebes, British archaeologist Sarah Weston and her American partner, Daniel Madigan, are drawn into a plot that goes beyond harmless role-playing: someone’s using the Delphian oracle as a smoke screen for an information exchange, with devastating consequences for the Western world.

Pitted against each other by the cult’s mastermind, Sarah and Daniel race against time and their own personal demons to uncover clues left behind by the ancients. Their mission: to find the original navel stone marked with a lost Pythagorean formula detailing the natural events that led to the collapse of the Minoan Empire.

But will they find it in time to stop the ultimate terrorist act?

“Sarah Weston’s latest adventures and archaeological pursuits have taken her to Greece, where she is working with her American colleague (and sometimes romantic interest) Daniel Madigan, cataloging artifacts from a nearby dig. . . . It’s full of riddles and codes like The Da Vinci Code, and it’s got the archaeological mystery mixed with the occult that made both Indiana Jones and The Mummy so popular, plus the action and a badass heroine like Lara Croft Tomb Raider!”
The Lit Bitch

“Action, adventure, romance and historical mystery—who could ask for more? The Oracle is a great read.”
—James O. Born, award-winning author of Scent of Murder

“Although each book in the Weston series can be read as a stand-alone, there is clearly a story arc involving the series’ two lead characters, one that enriches each book and makes the series more than just a collection of independent thrillers.”
David Pitt, Booklist

Available now!

Haven’t read any of the other books in the series? Then be sure to check them out!
















Until next time . . .

Heather Musick
Senior Vice President
Medallion Press

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A Conversation with Jenna von Oy, Author of Situation Momedy


You might know her as Blossom’s best friend, but Jenna von Oy has become each expectant and new mom’s best friend with her debut book Situation Momedy: A First-Time Mom’s Guide to Laughing Your Way through Pregnancy and Year One. “The current crop of books for new moms leans toward heavy humor, with little guidance, but von Oy really does a remarkable job of offering sound parenting suggestions in between the jokes” (Rebecca Vnuk, Booklist). Throughout the book, Jenna’s honesty and humor are endearing, and her gentle guidance is reassuring. Please join us for a conversation with Jenna.


What inspired you to write Situation Momedy?

After a few 3 a.m. Google-search binges about colic, and attempting to pack my first daughter’s diaper bag with enough stuff to survive Antarctica, I decided I needed to inject my motherhood experience with a little more comedy and a little less neurosis. I figured if I needed a reminder to laugh my way through the challenges of being a new parent, perhaps my mommy peers would appreciate a more lighthearted approach to the learning curve too.


What’s one thing about motherhood that’s taken you by surprise?

I’m more willing to roll with the punches than I expected to be. For example, I just had to SituationMomedy_252x406rearrange a business trip to Los Angeles when my youngest daughter got sick the morning of our flight. Obviously, her health and well-being came first, and I gladly altered the trip schedule to give her ample time to get better. I’m not saying I wasn’t frantically scrambling to rearrange meetings and babysitters and accommodations, but it was no big deal relative to getting my baby healthy! My pre-mommy self would have been flipping out over the unexpected change of plans. The younger me would probably still be hyperventilating into a paper bag, God bless her.


That said, I definitely still have my moments. The i-dotter, t-crosser, OCD micromanager in me still has to be reminded, for example, to take a deep breath and stop twitching every time my three-year-old asserts her independence by refusing the clothing I’ve laid out for her to wear to school.


What’s one piece of advice you’d give your best friend who’s expecting?

Only one piece? That’s a tall order!


I would encourage her to trust her own instincts and feel empowered by them. I would also let her know that not everything pertaining to parenting has to be learned before a baby is born; nor can it be. Motherhood will forever be a work in progress. The education continues and changes as it goes, and memorizing every page of What to Expect When You’re Expecting doesn’t necessarily equate to practical application! Leading with love, rather than the notion of “perfection,” is what it’s all about; everything else eventually falls into place.


I might also mention the importance of letting herself off the hook. As moms, sometimes it’s easy to convince ourselves we should be able to handle everything life throws at us, and that’s not always feasible or fair. There are parenting moments that make you feel like your head will explode, moments that make you wonder if you know what you’re getting yourself into, and moments that make you question everything you thought you knew about motherhood to begin with. But there are also instances when you’ll surprise yourself by possessing more inner strength than you’ve given yourself credit for. We need to trust our instincts, be gentler on our­­­selves, and let the love shine through!

What’s one piece of advice you’d give that friend’s significant other?

Ask not what your wife can do for you but what you can do for your wife. (John F. Kennedy was close with his version, but I promise your pregnant wife will prefer mine!) As I say in my book, “There’s only so much you can do to assist during these nine (technically ten) months of maternity mayhem. Try to be as composed as possible and get used to asking the all-important question, ‘What can I do to help?’ This is really an expectant mom’s favorite thing to hear. And if your wife is anything like me, she loves giving you her input! If you consistently ask that question of us, we don’t feel like we have to ask more of you than you want to give, and that’s a beautiful thing.” I have a whole chapter for new dads in my book; fathers deserve a little laughter too!


How do you recharge?

I lock myself in the bathroom with a bottle of wine and pray my kids don’t find me. Sorry…was that out loud?


As with most authors, I’m a true lover of books; reading is my escape. It should be noted, however, that I’m also a lover of sleep. Any morning my kids let me sleep past 8:00 is better than a day at the spa. Though I have to admit the spa sounds pretty good right now too.


Quick-fire Q&A:


Favorite hobby?

Kitchen dance parties with my daughters—sometimes they even let me listen to someone other than Taylor Swift.


What makes you laugh?

My three-year-old using grown-up, multisyllabic words like she invented them.


Favorite place to write?

At my desk (which is organized chaos), accompanied by a glass of wine.


Coffee or tea?

Coffee, coffee, and more coffee.


Junk food: sweet or salty?

Salty. Unless I’m pregnant—then no baked good within a five-mile radius is safe.



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A Conversation with D. J. Niko, Author of The Oracle

DJ_NikoD.J. Niko’s historical thrillers in the Sarah Weston Chronicles have been compared to The Da Vinci Code and Indiana Jones, and the title character has been praised for her strength and resourcefulness. In each book, Niko artfully spins the details of history with the sights, scents, and sounds of the exotic locales she pulls readers into. Reading Niko’s work is a captivating experience, and now she takes us into ancient Greece with The Oracle. Please join us for a conversation with D. J. Niko, aka Daphne.


What inspired you to write the Sarah Weston Chronicles? 


I’ve always been fascinated by the ancient world. Growing up in Greece, I was surrounded by millennia-old monuments and spent many years studying ancient history. I’ve also had the good fortune to travel around the world, particularly to some off-the-grid places, and my experiences have informed my writing. The Sarah Weston Chronicles, which combines fast-paced adventure TheOracle_252x406with mysteries from antiquity, is an amalgam of those two passions.



Which writers have influenced you?


On the thriller/adventure side: Wilbur Smith. On the literary side: Lawrence Durrell, Khaled Hosseini, Bruce Chatwin.



What types of research have you needed to do to write the series?


Since my books deal with historical themes, I’ve spent a lot of time in libraries, reading ancient historians’ accounts and obscure mystical texts. I’ve talked to a lot of experts, such as rock climbers, airplane engineers, rabbis, archaeologists, psychiatrists, geophysicists, etc. I’ve also visited the majority of places I’ve written about, to walk where my characters have walked, so to speak. I enjoy that part of the process, because it contributes to the authenticity of my settings. Plus, it’s fun.



What’s one of your own tried-and-true writing rules?


Read your dialogue out loud (to yourself and to someone) to make sure it sounds realistic.



What are you working on now?


Years ago, I started on a piece of issue-driven women’s fiction. It’s a bit of a departure for me, but I am committed to finishing it by first quarter 2016. Then I will dive into my next work of historical fiction, which is set in New Kingdom Egypt.



Quick-fire favorites:



Pan’s Labyrinth


Place to write?

On a ship, traveling solo



The Alexandria Quartet by Lawrence Durrell


Historical era?

Biblical times (10th to 6th centuries BCE)


Place to visit?

Any desert, particularly the Sahara, Namib, Rub’ al Khali

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Medallion Take On Fan Expo Canada

Medallion will attend the 2015 Fan Expo in Toronto from September 2-September 7.  They will bring in authors Booker T. Huffman, Gregory Lamberson, Andrew Post and Joe Laurinaitis “Road Warrior Animal” to promote their most recent titles.




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A Conversation with Simon West-Bulford

SoulContiuum_640x920This month, we celebrate the release of The Soul Continuum, bSimon_WestBulfordook two of Simon West-Bulford’s Soul Archives, an epic sci-fi series that invites readers into the perspectives of multiple fascinating characters throughout time. Publishers Weekly writes, “West-Bulford peppers his expansive chronicle with vivid descriptions of cosmic creations, philosophical musings on eternal life, and an exploration of man’s hunger for enlightenment.” Get to know Simon and more about his creative process here.



  1. What inspired you to write The Soul Archives?

So many things, but the fundamental inspiration was the idea of finality. The idea fascinated me that you could be doing something routine and never really consider whether you were doing it for the last time. That thought wandered off a number of different directions, prompting many questions: Who would the final living human be, and what if they never died? Does life have more or less meaning without death? What if there was something bigger than ‘life’?

  1. Which part of The Soul Archives has challenged you the most?

The continuity and complexity of the story. There is an arc for three novels and ideas to reach beyond that, but preparing the way for where the third novel leads (working title: The Soul Conundrum) means there are a lot of pieces that need to hold together, and the smallest details can lead to great glaring errors if you don’t keep track of them. Taking a complex story and telling it in a way that doesn’t lose the reader is no easy thing.

  1. What have you learned about yourself as a writer while working on The Soul Archives?

That I often bite off more than I can chew. I start with a single idea or a specific image in my mind, which rapidly blooms into several interwoven themes. With a new idea, I’m like a kid who’s just discovered Spirograph (do they still sell that?). It turns me into an obsessive plotter, creating a framework to hang all those ideas from, and then I’ve thrown myself into a world of hurt trying to unravel a complicated tangle of threads, background, and subplots. This is the part I like best, though. Solving those kinds of problems with a story forces me along unexpected paths that lead to fresh ideas.

  1. What types of research have you needed to do to write The Soul Archives?

One of the goals I set out to achieve with this series when I started was to find a way to draw a reader more deeply into the world I was creating. The idea of living the life of another person through their memories without any knowledge that you are doing so made me want to plant the thought that this could be true of the reader. So I started to explore the idea of autosuggestion in writing and began researching performers like Derren Brown and salesmen like Joe Vitale. I labelled that kind of writing ‘Hypnoprose,’ and although not much of that ended up in the final drafts, elements of it still exist in the books that might raise some interesting questions for the reader.

  1. Which character do you identify with most? In what ways?

The idea that I might be anything like some of the characters I invent scares me a little because I like to expose the flaws in them to create conflict and personality. Inevitably bits of me get woven into the fabric of the people I write about somewhere, though. As long as I’m not identifying with the traits of the serial killers or evil entities I create, I can breathe easier, though if I’ve had a bad day in the office they might be more vindictive than usual. On those days, I’m Keitus Vieta!

  1. What’s one of your own tried-and-true writing rules?

For me, it all comes down to the discipline. Days when I start out feeling confident enough to believe I can write something awesome are very rare, so I have trained myself with all the focus of someone with terrible OCD to aim at writing at least 1,000 words a day. By the time I’m half an hour in, I’m usually in the zone again, enjoying myself.

  1. What are your thoughts on genre blending in works of fiction?

I love the idea. Without it, we may not have discovered steampunk. Although it’s a nightmare to classify works when they break new ground, I think it’s an essential part of keeping fiction fresh, and it’s something that drives me to experiment with my own writing. The Soul Archives dips into all sorts of genres because the scope is vast and Salem Ben can live any life he chooses, but this is more a journey through genres rather than a blending of them, although the Soul Archive novels do blend genres in one or two of their substories.

  1. What are you working on now?

I’m almost finished writing a crime novel called To One Knight’s Heaven. One of my pet fascinations is Gematria and Numerology, so I wanted to write a novel in which the antagonist is an influential and devious killer, obsessed with sharing a spiritual message by means of murders with numerological meaning.


Quick-fire Q&A:

  1. Favorite writer?

Clive Barker

  1. Favorite movie?

The Fountain (Darren Aronofsky)

  1. What scares you?

Shark eyes

  1. Favorite place to write?

The spare room at night

  1. What book do you wish you wrote?

The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry

  1. What are you currently reading?

Subliminal Messiah by Anthony David Jacques

  1. Coffee or tea?

No, toffee. Okay . . . coffee

  1. Junk food: sweet or salty?

Sweet. Very sweet.


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