Tom Wallace

Tom Wallace is the author of two previous detective novels,What Matters Blood and The Devil’s Racket, both set in Lexington, Kentucky, where he currently lives. The Heirs of Cain will be his first ...
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James Waltzer

A former teacher and corporate personnel director, James Waltzer turned to writing in 1988 and has since written more than 700 features for regional magazines in the Northeast. In addition to his a...
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Simon West-Bulford

Simon West-Bulford is the author of the critically acclaimed sci-fi series The Soul Archives, including The Soul Consortium and The Soul Continuum, and the IPPY Award–winning fantasy The Beasts of ...
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Dennis Widmyer

Dennis Widmyer is the cofounder of, the official website of Chuck Palahniuk, as well as, an online magazine, workshop, and educational program. He is also a Los An...
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Kelli A. Wilkins

Kelli A. Wilkins is an award-winning author who has published more than ninety-five short stories, nineteen romance novels, and five nonfiction books. Her romances span many genres and heat levels....
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Lisa Marie Wilkinson

Lisa Marie Wilkinson began her writing career as a lyricist, working in collaboration with composer Marti Schwartz. The two received a number of awards for songwriting, including finalist status in...
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Andrew William Wright

Andrew William Wright, a Jersey Shore–based producer and award-winning author, produced both The Hardy Show (featuring Matt and Jeff Hardy) and RVD TV (with Rob Van Dam) and has written pieces for ...
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K. Michael Wright

K. Michael Wright grew up near an Assinaboine Indian reservation in Montana where he first gained a deep appreciation for Native American culture, which later led to extensive travel and research i...
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