Erin Samiloglu

Erin Samiloglu was born on a steamy morning in Jackson, Mississippi, during the summer solstice. She attended school in Australia, where she received a degree in Media Arts. She now resides in cent...
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Charles W. Sasser

Charles W. Sasser has been a full-time freelance writer/journalist/photographer since 1979. He is a veteran of both the U.S. Navy (journalist) and U.S. Army (Special Forces, the Green Berets), a co...
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Richard Satterlie

Richard Satterlie lives in Wilmington, North Carolina. He received a BS in biology from Sonoma State University (California) and a PhD in biology/neurobiology from the University of California, San...
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S.R. Savell

S. R. Savell is a writer in pursuit of her MFA. She loves used books, lucid dreams, and the occasional romp in the dirt. She wrote Paper Hearts when she was eighteen years old. She lives in Hempste...
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Dawn Schiller

Dawn Schiller was fifteen years old in 1976, when she met thirty-two-year-old porn star John Holmes. Holmes courted Dawn, had sex with her, and manipulated her with drugs and alcohol. Holmes physic...
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Robert Spiller

Robert Spiller lives in the beautiful city of Colorado Springs, Colorado with his wife Barbara and his daughter Jenny. His other two daughters and their children all live within shouting distance. ...
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Kathy Steffen

Kathy Steffen's previous novels, First, There Is a River and Jasper Mountain, have won numerous awards, including the CRW Award of Excellence, the HOLT Medallion Award, and the Beacon Award for Bes...
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Christopher Steinsvold

Christopher Steinsvold received his PhD in philosophy from the City University of New York Graduate School and University Center. He is currently an adjunct professor at Brooklyn College, City Univ...
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Trenae Sumter

Trenae Sumter’s love of historical romance made her determined to learn all she could about writing and the genre. When Trenae is not writing, she enjoys working in the reference department at the ...
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