Six authors signed to release TREEbook enhanced novels

Six Medallion authors are officially signed to release TREEbook™-enhanced novels in 2014-2015. Among the authors are award-winning horror author Gregory Lamberson, historical fiction author Kathy Steffen, award-winning thriller author D. J. Niko, science fiction/horror author Simon West-Bulford, YA paranormal author Rusty Fischer, and YA/science fiction author Andrew Post. Be sure to check out these upcoming TREEbook™-enhanced novels through the MMG Sidekick app on your iPad in the upcoming years.

The Julian Year
By Gregory Lamberson

In The Julian Year one of the main characters, Julian Weizak, an obituary writer in New York, celebrates his birthday alone in a bar on New Year’s Eve. At the stroke of midnight, scores of homicides break out on the East Coast. In all, twenty thousand murders are committed that night in New York alone, with the epidemic spreading across the country and the world, time zone by time zone.


First, There Is a River
By Kathy Steffen

Previously released in trade paper back,  First, There Is a River is historical literature meets romance and intrigue . . .

The TREEbook™ version will unveil in-depth information on the characters that you came to love in the previous version as well as introduce you to new characters. Readers will also have the opportunity to experience other parts of the story that were not portrayed in the print version.

The Siren House
By Andrew Post   

Once upon a time, the world ended. Or maybe not. Cassetera Robuck, survivor of the apocalypse, must find a way to stop the Smocks, a theocratic time-shifting cult bent on ridding her dimension and all dimensions of scratchers: those who use molecular reconstruction machines to “jazz” new, impossible life. Too bad her new friend Thadius Thumb, proprietor of the holo-vaudevillian theater, the Siren House, happens to be the most famous—or is it infamous?—scratcher of them all.

2015 titles include:

The Dark Seed by Simon West- Bulford, Vampire Book of the Month Club by Rusty Fischer, and
Solomon (working title) by D. J. Niko

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