William Kerr

Originally from Mississippi, William Kerr spent much of his life in the US Navy. His career spanned nearly twenty-five years of ship- and shore-duty commands, including liaison to the United States Congress for the Chief of Naval Operations, Washington, D.C. Surface-warfare qualified, he was the recipient of various citations, among which were the Legion of Merit and the Navy Commendation Medal.

Retired from the US Navy at the rank of captain, he has been involved in book signing tours throughout the eastern United States as well as public readings of his works. He has also been a featured author at numerous book fairs, writers’ workshops, and conventions. Kerr is the author of eight screenplays, several of which have garnered numerous awards within the film industry. His published Matt Berkeley suspense/thriller novels include Path Of The Golden Dragon, a New York Times paperback best seller; The Red Hand, winner of the Quantam Quest 1997 Nationwide Screenplay Competition for the screenplay adaptation; The Collector, Death’s Bright Angel, a Florida Writers Association best mystery/suspense novel.

In addition to having had the opportunity to travel much of the world, William and and his wife, Rebecca, are avid scuba divers and have explored reefs and shipwrecks in the waters off of Florida, in the Bahamas, and throughout the Caribbean. His years of naval experience and knowledge of the underwater world have been used to heighten the tension and excitement of several novels, including Mark of the Devil.