Richard Satterlie

Richard Satterlie lives in Wilmington, North Carolina. He received a BS in biology from Sonoma State University (California) and a PhD in biology/neurobiology from the University of California, Santa Barbara. He was a professor of biology at Arizona State University until 2004, when he took the position of Frank Hawkins Kenan Distinguished Professor of Marine Biology at the University of North Carolina, Wilmington. A Fulbright Scholar at the University of St. Andrews (Scotland, 1994) and a Guggenheim Fellow (2002-03), he has published over sixty articles in scientific journals and edited books.

Richard’s debut novel, Phoenix, is published by Whiskey Creek Press (Historical, American West), and a short story, The Stick, appears in Fear: An Anthology of Horror and Suspense, also from Whiskey Creek Press. He wrote the marine science volume of an encyclopedia of science and technology published by Facts-on-File in 2008.