Richard Graham-Yooll

After graduating with an MA in English at Balliol College, Oxford, British-born author Richard Graham-Yooll began his career in insurance.

His time working for Lloyds of London and subsequent business visits to the Middle East provide much of the background for his first novel, A Foreign Policy. In particular, his experience advising a group of local investors in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, how to form their own insurance company taught him valuable lessons in mutual incomprehension and misunderstanding.

After migrating to the US, he lived in Florida and Massachusetts before settling in Raleigh, North Carolina, where he operates his own advertising business. Among volunteer activities, he has served on the boards of chambers of commerce, two theatre groups, a literary magazine and worked as a campaign manager for a local politician in Florida.

He has written stories for magazines in the UK and US and is completing a second novel, centered on an imaginary American religious cult.