Michelle Perry

I knew I wanted to be a writer the first time I read Pet Cemetery by Stephen King. There was something about that book…it was so terrifying, and so brilliant. I was in high school then, and couldn’t sleep in the same room with it. It showed me the power of the written word.

After writing short stories, and working on the yearbook throughout high school, I postponed my writing during college, and didn’t pick it up again, until I quit my secretarial job, to stay home with my children, three years ago.

I live in a quiet little town in Tennessee, with my husband, Quinton, and our two children. Tracy City, is a place where everyone knows everyone else, and the response to the news of my sale has been great already. Most of them can’t believe their mild-mannered tax preparer writes about killers!

Although I enjoy all genres, romantic suspense is what I love. There’s nothing better than a good, pulse-pounding story, that makes you a little afraid to turn out the lights…