Linda Jacobs

Born a university brat and trained at the Master’s level in Geology, Linda was one of Exxon Corporation’s first woman field geologists. Before her recent move to New Mexico, she worked for a number of oil and gas companies on the front line where new fields are found.

Fiction came to her when she was very young. Already an avid reader, she’d hit a ball against a wall and tell herself stories. By age eleven, she taught herself to hunt and peck on her Dad’s old Royal Typewriter. Despite the spotty ribbon, she started writing novels. A cathartic burning ceremony her senior year of high school fortunately prevents Linda, or anyone else, knowing just how awful her early work was.

Her love affair with the Yellowstone region began when she did Geology Field Camp near the park. She has since visited many times, studying the archives of the park’s natural history and man’s brief tenure there. Her debut release from Medallion, Summer Of Fire, is about firefighters at the Yellowstone fires of ´88 and is the first in her women’s adventure series set in Yellowstone. The second, Rain Of Fire, was published by Medallion Press in June 2006 ... followed by Lake Of Fire in October 2007.

Linda also writes romance as Christine Carroll for Medallion Press.

Married to fellow geologist Richard Jacobs, with whom she owns a consulting company, Linda divides her time between the West and the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. They both enjoy adventure travel, having scuba dived the Caribbean, taken two African safaris, and gone alpine hiking in New Zealand and the Spanish Pyrenees.


Awards and Nominations

Summer Of Fire

2006 WILLA Literary Award winner for Original Softcover Fiction