K. Michael Wright

K. Michael Wright grew up near an Assinaboine Indian reservation in Montana where he first gained a deep appreciation for Native American culture, which later led to extensive travel and research into Mesoamerican myth and history.

After picking up a BA in History, he earned a Master's of Fine Arts degree in Creative and Critical Writing from Brigham Young University, during which time he won the Kennedy Center Award for Excellence for his play Outrun The Night.

After graduating, he moved to LA and worked in production companies and as a screenwriter. He also wrote scripts for the Canadian Broadcast Company in Vancouver. He eventually "did time" in New York as a consultant and technical writer for companies like Comedy Central and Bank of New York. Tolteca is his first novel.

Mr. Wright lives in an historic 1630 house in New England and also spends time in Utah. Among his hobbies are building wooden model ships, online computer gaming, and karate (SKA).