Cat Lindler

Cat Lindler is a zoologist by education and a writer by inclination. She won the first writing contest she entered, in third grade in England, received a gift certificate to the village book store, and bought three novels by her favorite author of the moment: Enid Blyton. Six years ago, she took a sabbatical from her zoological work and sat down to write, not the scientific papers for which she was noted, but the fascinating world of fiction. But in all her works, her background surfaces in the form of animals with distinct personalities who play crucial roles in the story. She has won many RWA chapter contests and now turned her talents toward editing and judging as well as writing. She is always surprised by what her characters say and do, and the unexpected plot twists and turns.

An admitted animal-lover and bookaholic, Cat shares her house with three bossy felines: Bilbo, Bertie, and Eowyn, who are her harshest critics, and over 7,000 books. She imagines her epitaph as: "Felled while editing, trapped beneath a literary avalanche. She died happy and well read."