The Salvation of Gabriel Adam

Inspired by his travels around the world, S. L. Duncan invites readers to continue their global adventures with young archangel Gabriel in the second installment of The Revelation Saga, The Salvation of Gabriel Adam.

SalvationGA_252x406Embattled by an uncertain future, Gabriel Adam is now slowly succumbing to the powerful ring that he credits with stopping the demon sent to Earth to start the second war between the light and dark realms. As his health fails, his feelings grow for his archangel friend Micah. With the inevitability of his future ever nearer, he wonders if there’s time left to rekindle what they once shared.


But a darkness is growing in Istanbul. Lilith has used her alluring beauty to manipulate Simon Magus, the new Turkish president, into giving her great power. Wanting only to reunite with her one true love, she seeks to find seven ancient vials and pierce the veil that separates the dimensions, unleashing hell upon the Earth.

“A horrific merging of dimensions looms for fans in the next installment as the teen archangels grapple their way toward ultimate salvation.”
Kirkus Reviews

“This second book in the series packs many punches and ups the ante for action. . . . Readers who enjoy biblical lore and storytelling will not be disappointed as Micah and Gabe fight to save the world from apocalyptic defeat. Ending just as quickly as it began, readers will be awaiting the next installment.”
—Stephanie Wilkes, Voya

 Be sure to check out book one, The Revelation Saga, available now, and the finale, The Evolution of Gabriel Adam, coming August 2017!















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Senior Vice President
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