Dirty Jenny

Dirty Jenny, aka Jen Leigh, is a seasoned guitar player who’s played with the best of the best in the world of funk and rock music. Her first professional studio credit was on Michael Jackson’s HIStory—Past, Present and Future—Book I. Since the late nineties, she has toured with an eclectic mix of national acts: legendary funk icon George Clinton/P-Funk, 420 Funk Mob, Drugs, the Grammy award–winning Sweet Honey in the Rock, folk rocker Toshi Reagon, R & B diva Kelis, Jerry Garcia alumni and keyboard great Merl Saunders, and pop sensation Ferras. Her previous band, Big Sister, released one major label album titled So Hi How Are You in 2000, garnering a 3 ½ star review in Rolling Stone magazine. From Carnegie Hall to the STAPLES Center to Toad’s Place, Dirty Jenny has rocked countless stages, big and small. In October 2009, she was honored to perform at the late Jerry Wexler’s memorial in New York City, alongside many musical legends from the Muscle Shoals era.

Dirty Jenny’s guitar playing has been described as fierce, passionate, astonishing, and explosive, likening her to a female Jimi Hendrix who rips into her guitar and wah pedal. She blazes through riffs with a force that captivates and wows the audience, easily shifting into beautiful tones and melodies that reflect the full spectrum of her musical knowledge and skill. She has earned the respect of many industry heavies for being a true professional and a “player’s player.” Her unique blend of funk and rock are irreplaceable, as is her left-handed playing style, with the ability to play with the guitar strung either way.

Dirty Jenny released her first solo EP in August 2011, titled American Bulldog. It is a giant dose of rock-and-roll attitude with funk grooves and riffs that showcase her unique style. Be prepared to swallow hook-driven songs marinated in Zeppelin, slow roasted by Hendrix, and smoked by George Clinton . . . with a heap of Joan Jett–inspired attitude.