Make Your Art

Book reviewers have an important job: to share their opinions of works they’re assigned to read. Their perspectives are subjective. One reviewer’s idea of what makes a book unsatisfying may be the same thing that makes it great for another reader.

Each of us brings experiences and expectations to the books we read. One of us, for example, may enjoy a raw account of a story while another may enjoy a more literary delivery. A reviewer’s preference may appear in a review.

Being an author and putting your work out there for the world to see is a courageous endeavor. When the first review comes in, it can numb your typing fingers, dismantle your creative synapses.

When you’re able, face that review. Take what you can from it that’s helpful. But do not stop writing.

Your art, your voice, your perspective—these are things that only you can bring to the world. Keep learning. Keep writing. Keep making your art. Because every writer who’s worth reading has faced the fear of failing head-on and won.

For all of us.


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