All Aboard! Take an unforgettable journey through the life of a 7-year-old boy who became a train

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St. Charles, Illinois—May 4, 2011— Medallion Press, Inc. is thrilled to announce that Debi Tibbles, author of the previously released book, All Aboard! How Ollie Tibbles Became a Train (Transformation Media Books, October 2010), has signed a book deal to rerelease the nonfiction story of her youngest son’s battle with cancer under the new title, Ollie Tibbles: The Boy Who Became a Train, for publication in July 2012.

“So what do you want to be when you grow up, Ollie?”

And as quick as a flash he responded, “I’m going to be a train.”

I remember I had laughed and said, “You mean you want to be a train driver, right?”

He put his hands on his hips, looking at me as though I had two heads as he retorted, “No! I want to be a train, silly, and I’m going to be someday.”

With raw emotion and honesty, Debi Tibbles will take readers on a journey filled with many bumps and turns beginning the day her four-year-old son Ollie was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma, a form of brain cancer. It is through the eyes of a loving mother that readers will experience the good and bad days that came with Ollie’s treatment and marvel at the love and happiness Ollie shared with everyone he came in contact with.

Ollie was only seven when he lost his battle, but his  story is one of life, love, and inspiration. To this day, Ollie continues to teach us to embrace all the amazing possibilities life has to offer.

Metra partnered with the Illinois Chapter of the Make-A-Wish organization to make sure that Ollie’s wish came true. Riders of Chicago’s Metra Rail BNSF line can find engine 401, Oliver “Ollie” Tibbles, making his rounds daily.

About Metra Engine 401:

In 2005, one of METRA’s newest locomotives, Engine No. 401, was named in honor of young Oliver “Ollie” Tibbles. The engine was revealed at Chicago’s Union Station during Wish Ball, touching the hearts of the nearly 1,000 guests and everyone who had a hand in bringing Ollie’s original dream to life.

Days later the locomotive made its first voyage through Ollie’s hometown of Downers Grove when it began service on METRA’s Burlington Northern Santa Fe commuter line. Ollie’s courage and quiet strength inspired many people, and by honoring him this way, the Make-A-Wish Foundation was able to grant the true essence of Oliver’s original wish. (Reference:

All Aboard! is not just a book . . . it’s a miracle in the making. It’s a story that will test every belief you have about what is possible, how unbearable pain can be transformed into incredible possibility, and what it takes to live your truth. Through the loss of her son, she found her voice by taking a journey that no parent wants to embark on—ever . . . All Aboard! It’s a ride you will never forget.”

—John St. Augustine, best-selling author of Living an Uncommon Life (2006) and Every Moment Matters (2009); creator and host of Power!Talk Radio; former executive producer of The Dr. Oz Show on Oprah & Friends

Upcoming Appearances:

Debi Tibbles will be honored at the Make-A-Wish Illinois Chapter’s Wish Ball 2011, as they celebrate their 25th anniversary by featuring Leaders in Joy, 25 Stories of Inspiration. Ollie’s story and wish will be one of the 25 showcased. For more information on this event, visit

Ollie Tibbles: The Boy Who Became a Train by Debi Tibbles—Trade Paperback (July 2012), ISBN 978160542491-0, $14.95 US/$16.95 CDN

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