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Fey Born

…and an odd birthmark, Lana is a frail farm girl who never could have imagined being magically fated to become a fey host for the sword spirit, Valor. And now the magical sword is missing, stolen from the vaults of Tara, the faery home. The disturbing wonders altering Lana’s life have only just begun. Enter Keegan, a fearless fey guardian of the waters, who must find the magical sword for his king. Believing only the physically strong… Continue reading »


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It is an old Irish legend come down from the north. On the last eve of the full moon when spring and prosperity had reigned, the fi rst generations of the Tuatha Dé Danann became the faery folk. The people named them the Daoine Sidhe, their tongues pressed to the roof of their mouths in speech. The “Deena Shee,” they said, the dwindled gods.

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White Fells

A formidable warrior of the Tuatha De Danann, Boyden is one of the few born of the idir, the between. With the power to summon the bringer of death in the form of a fey wind, he could kill all living creatures—including an invader seeking vengeance for a wrongful death—but he vows to find another way. Princess Scota, a confident warrior princess, does not believe in anything fey…until she meets her people’s latest captive, a proud male… Continue reading »