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Tomorrow’s World

In tomorrow’s world there are no more butterflies, no coral reefs or rainbows. Appalled by what they’ve done to their planet, people have lost all faith in human nature. Now the cold logic of computers determines how they will live their lives. And although old divisions of race, color, and creed have disappeared, a new chasm has split the barren, altered world, and it is deeper than anything that has gone before. The line has been… Continue reading »

Road Warrior Animal on Medallion Mondays — Oh, What a Rush!

…edallion Mondays In the tenth episode of Medallion Mondays, “Let’s Get F’d Up,” Road Warrior Animal teams with Josh “Ponceman” Perry for an over-the-top episode pumped full of the 5 Fs: fame, fortune, friendship, family, and faith. COISPORC “Ponceman” invites Animal to the office as part of his own seven-point plan. The team is revved up, but one unlucky member lives life a little too close to the edge. The comedic episode draws awareness to Joe… Continue reading »

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Call of the Trumpet

…s Bedouin wife dies in childbirth, Francoise Villier, wealthy and prominent Frenchman, flees the African desert — the horses and the people — he has come to love so dearly. He takes with him only his infant daughter, Cecile, faithful Bedouin servant, Jali, and a magnificent Arab mare. Before he leaves, however, he extracts a promise from one of the most powerful of the desert chieftains. Years later, upon her father’s death, Cecile must… Continue reading »

Judgment, The

….   Forty years later, Solomon’s empire is on the verge of collapse. Power has made him arrogant, permissive, and blind to the scheming of his wife and one of his lieutenants to topple the united monarchy. As the king’s faith falters and his people’s morals collapse, enemies gather at the gates of Israel. A visit from a mysterious queen restores Solomon’s perspective in time to save his soul—but it is too late to preserve his kingdom…. Continue reading »

Blaze of Lightning, Roar of Thunder

…I don’t need you, Father.” Her black eyes burned into him. The priest shifted uncomfortably on the stool he had placed opposite her narrow cot. “I know something about you,” he persisted. “I know you have put your life, your faith, in the hands of another. In the hands of a man. But he cannot help you now. Only God can help you.” The young woman spat defiantly. “God has never helped me, priest. He never helped anyone I loved.” “His ways are… Continue reading »

A Conversation with Nicole Maggi

…)!   Tell us what it took to get your first manuscript published. Many, many, many rejections. There were times when I really thought it wouldn’t happen. But through it all, I never stopped writing. And deep down, I had faith that it would happen.   What is The Blue Woods about? In this last installment of the Winter Falls trilogy, Alessia faces new challenges as the war with the Malandanti comes to a head. She must set aside her own… Continue reading »

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A Lost Touch of Magic

…cool, dismissive stranger has replaced the golden man of her dreams, a stranger she must wed. Worse, the fey part of her senses that evil lurks in the shadows of Castle MacCoinneach, and she has nowhere to turn. One true laird and one of fey blood. Strangers they may be, but Padruig and Aimili are destined to join together to defeat a force beyond their imaginings. It will take trust, faith, and most of all, love to save themselves, their clan,… Continue reading »

Passion’s Blood

…ith the knowledge that this arrangement was forced upon her. Prince Emric, noble and courageous, rides to war, ignorant of his brother’s dark treachery. In a net of betrayal and violence, the young lovers must preserve their faith, and Leanna must keep Emric alive with her love and the magical powers she herself does not fully understand . . . Now available as an interactive e-book app for your iPad. Watch the trailer for Passion’s Blood… Continue reading »

Boadicea’s Legacy

…ossibly her life in childbirth. When Ela refuses this repulsive marital transaction, Thomas de Havel abducts her and wages battle against her father in retaliation. Only Osbert Edyvean, a knight with the highest creed—honor, faith, and logic—can save her and preserve her gift. A businessman for the Earl of Norfolk, Osbert has been paid to find Boadicea’s spear. Rather than bring back this obscure artifact, he rescues Ela, intending to take her… Continue reading »


Daisy Lake is only a memory to successful barrister Gavin Carmichael. But a memory he cannot forget. “Through thick and thin, forever and ever, come what may, we’ll stay together…” is the pact the young orphans made over a decade ago, before the wide-eyed little girl was torn from his arms. Only a precious, painful memory … until Gavin walks into an East End supper club where the headlining act is the infamous nightingale of… Continue reading »