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Crimson Fire

Dorfas, Marc of Cantware Weal of Coran, Coranian Empire Natmonath, 458 Sweltan Daeg—night She was barely alive when her body, battered by the relentless waves, washed up on the sands. Slowly she dragged herself farther up the deserted beach, clutching at the sand with her hands, pulling herself away from the swirling, black water inch by precious inch. Her breath came and went in harsh gasps as she coughed weakly, expelling water, blood, and… Continue reading »

Superheroes and Werewolves – June 2012 New Releases

…app and TREEbook™ technology, go to On top of being the first TREEbook™ author, Gregory Lamberson releases the highly anticipated second book in The Frenzy Cycle this month, The Frenzy War. Two years have passed since NYPD Captain Tony Mace hunted down and slew Janus Farel, the rogue werewolf who terrorized New York City. Mace paid a price for bucking the brass, and now he pushes paper in the K-9 unit while awaiting retirement,… Continue reading »

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Paul Ohlson Medallion Press, Inc. Tel: (630) 513-8316 extension 228 E-mail: “PRECIOUS” PAUL ELLERING TO WRITE FOREWORD FOR THE ROAD WARRIORS: DANGER, DEATH, AND THE RUSH OF WRESTLING! St. Charles, Illinois—January 22, 2010—Medallion Press Inc. is extremely excited to announce that legendary pro wrestling manager “Precious” Paul Ellering will write the foreword for The Road Warriors: Danger,… Continue reading »

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Cosmic Forces

…r love surviving famine and flood, winter and warfare, pestilence and punishment. But this last year on God’s green earth had been the worst. Even before their self-inflicted injuries, hunting for food had become all but impossible, requiring them to subsist on fruits and vegetables and, during their time on the ice, fish. On occasion they had stumbled upon fresh kills abandoned by other people and animals, and they had torn into the carrion… Continue reading »

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Lamberson Signed Set

Enter to win a complete signed set of Gregory Lamberson’s chilling, action-filled horror titles, including his upcoming TREEbook release, The Julian Year! The Frenzy Way, Book 1 in the Frenzy Wolves Cycle Series The Frenzy War, Book 2 in the Frenzy Wolves Cycle Series Personal Demons, Book 1 in the Jake Helman Files Desperate Souls, Book 2 in the Jake Helman Files Cosmic Forces, Book 3 in the Jake Helman Files Tortured Spirits, Book 4 in… Continue reading »

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…N UNLEASHES STORM DEMON ON JAKE HELMAN CONTACT: Gregory Lamberson,   Storm Demon, the fifth book in Geregory Lamberson’s occult detective series The Jake Helman Files from Medallion Press, is now available as an e-book. The official publication date of the trade paperback is October 31st, but the TPB is available now to Amazon customers. The novel is the penultimate installment of Lamberson’s six book… Continue reading »

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Developing Sidekick 2.0

…will finally ship early 2014 along with Greg Lamberson’s The Julian Year set for release soon after. My involvement in product development spans almost two decades, and there has never been anything easy about the process. In many respects, it is not about the thing developed but rather how to make that thing the best it can be. From design and engineering to marketing promotion, doing it right takes time. Roadblocks inevitably present… Continue reading »

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Soul Consortium, The

<p>When I was a boy my smiling schoolteacher asked my class a very simple question: &ldquo;What is the one thing in this world that we can all know as an undeniable certainty?&rdquo; The students looked at each other, smirking as they whispered their sarcastic remarks, but the grins soon fell when she spoke again. Not because she had brought her palm down hard on her desk when she revealed the answer. It was the tears in her eyes. &ldquo;One… Continue reading »

Desperate Souls

Avenue in Brooklyn. Returning from church, where she served on a committee dedicated to serving the poor, she had stopped for milk at a corner bodega, where she had spent too much time discussing the sorry state of the neighborhood with the proprietor, Miguel Ruiz. Now she found herself hurrying home and scanning shadowy doorways for signs of danger. After the Great Recession, New York City had seen its most dramatic crime increase since the… Continue reading »

May Earth Rise

…; Cadair Idris Gwytheryn, Kymru Helygen Mis, 500 Llundydd, Lleihau Wythnos&mdash;night Sledda of Cantware, Arch-wyrce-jaga of Kymru, sat back in the Master Bard&rsquo;s chair with a satisfied smile on his cruel, pale face. His silken black robe lay loosely against his bony flesh as he perched there like a night crow come to pick over the remains of the dead. His remaining eye glittered as he surveyed the Great Hall at Neuadd Gorsedd, the place… Continue reading »