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Life Sentences

…nsible. This was the moment to concentrate on the diploma she clutched to her chest, the sweet triumph of a hard-won degree. But instead, memories of her friend Susan Mitchell rose up to block Pilar’s view of her classmates. Chad Wilbanks had fi rst charmed Susan, then brutally murdered her. Susan was a statistic now, one of eight young women Wilbanks victimized during a vicious two-year spree near the University of Michigan. Would Pilar feel… Continue reading »

Inevitable Sentences

…ife, retired prison warden, Max Whitefeather. That the shelter is so close to Hawk Haven Prison, where Pilar’s murderer is serving a life sentence, seems immaterial to Celeste. After all, she has played a part in seeing Chad Wilbanks locked away in maximum security isolation. Or is he? When Chad escapes with the help of his groupie, Lizzie Chatfield, and Priscilla, Lizzie’s best friend and a volunteer at the safehouse, he, too, is on a mission:… Continue reading »