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Boadicea’s Legacy

…to rattle her teeth, yet she wasn’t afraid. She laughed into the oncoming storm, drawing nature’s energy. Ela needed all of the earth magic she could absorb for this spell. Only Andraste would be strong enough to rescind the curse Boadicea had laid on her daughters, and theirs, and theirs. To wed without love meant forfeiting personal power—whether it was healing, seeing auras, or divining the future. <a title=”Boadicea‘s Legacy excerpt link”… Continue reading »

A Conversation with Traci E. Hall

…en’s Guard: Rose, the third in the historical romance series featuring the female guards of Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine.   What inspired you to write The Queen’s Guard series? I was doing research for my first historical series (Boadicea) where I discovered Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine compared to the formidable legend of Boadicea. Riding white horses on the top of a mountain, the queen and her ladies wore crimson and white as they called the… Continue reading »

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Welcome, April

…mesh well when it comes to serving their masters. This is a touch light on action, but fast-paced, detail-packed storytelling interlaced with humor ensures a satisfying read.” —Publishers Weekly   Want to read the whole series? Check out these other titles by Traci E. Hall:     Going to C2E2 Chicago? Stop by and visit us in booth 1718. Booker T. Huffman will be on hand on Saturday, April 25, from 11:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. to sign… Continue reading »

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Love’s Magic

It is 1192. Celestia Montehue is the odd-eyed misfit in a family of flame-haired goddesses descended from notorious Queen Boadicea. While her sisters are tall and beautiful, she, the eldest, is blond and petite, with one green and one blue eye. The only thing she has in common with the family legend is her magical healing ability. Constantly fighting for her place among her siblings, she refuses to settle for less than her due. Coming to accept… Continue reading »

Beauty’s Curse

Galiana Montehue is beautiful, hallowed, and adored. Envied by her rivals and coveted by her suitors, this privileged lady of the manor enjoys the attention and esteem bestowed only on young women blessed with physical perfection. What more could a late-twelfth-century Welsh heroine need to shine at court? Lord Rourke Wallis suffers a head injury at Galiana’s hands, rendering him blind and dependent. He never sees the beauty she curses with… Continue reading »

Animated Vampire and Medieval Romances: May’s New Releases!

…xperience. This wonderful new release will be available soon at the iTunes App Store for only $4.99. From vampires, we move to medieval guards. Award-winning author Traci E. Hall, who brought us the popular romantic Boadicea series (Love’s Magic, Beauty’s Curse, and Boadicea’s Legacy) delivers a whole new intriguing cast of characters in the historical romance The Queen’s Guard: Violet. In the year 1147, Queen Eleanor and King Louis traverse to… Continue reading »

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