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Agnes Hahn

AGNES HAHN IS A DONUT. INA SCONE WORLD. The entry under her photograph in the high school yearbook was funny when the ink from her classmates’ signatures was still fresh. But as the pages yellowed, the lines lost their humor. Agnes relaxed and her shoulders slumped with an exhalation. Even when Gert and Ella were still at home, something had always seemed to be missing, like there was a hole in her life. Not the kind of hole a mate or a best… Continue reading »


Agnes Hahn is a serial killer. She murders and mutilates men for sexual thrills . . . just to even the score. When Agnes was a child, her abusive father molested and killed her twin sister, Lilin. Agnes watched, vulnerable and horrified, while her counterpart suffered and paid the ultimate price for defenseless innocence. That was the end of one existence, but the beginning of another. Within the sequestered confines of Imola, a treacherous… Continue reading »

Animated Vampire and Medieval Romances: May’s New Releases!

…equel in May of 2013, when Hall takes us on the journey of another one of Queen Eleanor’s guards in The Queen’s Guard: Lily. Want some FREE reads? We are offering up several free e-books in May. Check out these great titles. Agnes Hahn 5/1-15 Motiv8n’U 5/1-15 Run Among Thorns 5/15-31 The Frenzy Way 5/15-31 Be sure to come back next month as we release two new exciting books. Gregory Lamberson will bring us The Frenzy War, the second… Continue reading »

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