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Ten years of innovation from Medallion Press

(PR NewsChannel) / December 26, 2012 / AURORA, Ill. For Medallion Press, Inc., DBA Medallion Media Group, 2013 marks 10 years in business. The book publisher is planning its grandest schedule of innovative releases, events, and giveaways to celebrate the … Continue reading »

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Novels and Research: An Oxymoron?

Writing a nonfiction book requires a tremendous amount of research, but what about novels? Surely you don’t need to do any research for those. You’re just making everything up as you go along, right? Wrong. Even though novels feature invented … Continue reading »

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December New Releases

Well, we have made it to the close of another year! With the upcoming holiday, this last month always seems to fly by. This year we have introduced you to some wonderful new authors and a wide array of new … Continue reading »

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How Authors Can Use TREEbook™

Time-Sensitive Rules to Enhance Narrative While interacting with up-and-coming TREEbook™ authors, we’ve identified some common questions. One of the most exciting for us is “How do time-sensitive rules work?” The TREEbook™ format is freeing in that, as an author, you … Continue reading »

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